Transform Warranty Management Into An Opportunity

Warranty Management for Microsoft Dynamics™ AX

Red Maple™ Warranty Management is a powerful relationship tool that enables you to track warranty obligations and transactions for your customers, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers. You can track post sales purchases, procurement purchases, process returns, pass through warranties, and effective dates. WM is tightly integrated with RMAs and also allows you to transfer warranties as needed.

We’ve included several features to streamline the process of creating warranties and provides visibility into the production, distribution and support of products over the life of a customer relationship.  More specifically we have included:

  •  Automatic generation:  Your company can automatically create implicit warranty obligations with each sales or purchase of products. As a result, your company can focus on core business processes, not documentation of sales or purchases.
  • Revenue/expense recognition: If your company needs to amortize the revenue or expense associated with a warranty or maintenance, Warranty Management provides powerful features to automate this process to your company’s needs.
  • Extended warranties: Your company can create extended warranties that are priced based on the item selected. Also, your company can sell third-party warranties that are tracking and linked to the associated vendor.
  • Track & post sales purchases automatically
  • Manage dates & renewals
  • Wizard driven contract creation
  • Accrue revenue through journals or assign a schedule
  • View warranty costs & returns over time
  • Granular item & claims tracking of warranty status by serial #, lot or batch
  • Inquiry and report generation to view the history of sales and develop projection plans
Product Requirements

Required Modules:

  • Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 2009 or 2012 (R2 or R3)
  • Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 7 (coming soon)

Optional Modules:

  • Red Maple Advanced Trade & Pricing

Create Contracts

With Warranty Management, creating contracts can be accomplished in three ways.

  1. Included at sale. Warranties can be automatically assigned to inventory items at the time of sale. Items are flagged as warrantable and are thereby automatically tracked once an item is shipped from inventory.
  2. Sold as item. Warranties can be included on a sales order and sold as a separate item. This provides companies with additional revenue as customers select to include warranties with their purchase.
  3. Contract creation. Warranties can be created manually through an intuitive wizard. Users can select the purchased items that are warranted, creating automatic obligations that the company can easily track.

Insights and Projections

Advanced views provide the both inquiry and report generation across the life of a product. Individual items can be viewed for warranty costs and returns. Over time, companies can use the tracking and history to gain powerful insights on a product’s total cost and develop projection plans to identify additional future costs or implement production changes to keep costs and quality in line.

Item Tracking & Claims

For targeted item tracking at a granular level, Red Maple’s Warranty Management supports tracking by: serial numbers, lot tracking

and batches. Once the item is found, a claim can be created for review and management. And when additional handling is necessary, there are features in place to follow additional business processes and even automate your returns.

Accruals & Revenue Recognition

Warranty management and revenue recognition are never straightforward, so we’ve included the ability for companies to recognize revenue at the appropriate time. With Red Maple’s Warranty Management, revenue can be accrued automatically through accrual journals. Accrual schedules can be created and assigned to warranties using different methodologies. In return, this creates a flexible financial schedule that can be assigned on a customer or product basis. At regular intervals, accrual journals can be created by users to recognize revenue that has been delivered. Each entry is attached to the trade agreement so that both financial and sales teams can accurately track the results of each trade agreement.

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