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Mobile Workflow for Microsoft Dynamics™ AX

Red Maple™ Mobile Workflow allows companies to securely integrate any device using Microsoft Exchange Server with Advanced Workflow. The approvals process can efficiently progress by replying to a workflow generated email with a configured response option to approve, reject, forward or request more information. This powerful functionality allows your company the freedom to complete business processes and because you don’t have to launch Microsoft Dynamics™ AX, it’s the best tool to enable executives, partners and road warriors to engage whenever and wherever necessary.

  • Email processing for all workflow types including approve, deny or re-assign
  • Uses Microsoft Exchange or Office 365
  • Option to securely extend the approval and workflow information process to employees and partners.
  • Maintains event based workflow
  • Emails can include attachments or other vital background information
Product Requirements

Required Modules:

  • Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 2009 or 2012 (R2 or R3)
  • Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 7 (coming soon)
  • Red Maple™ Advanced Workflow

Configurable to Your Company

Red Maple Mobile Workflow for Microsoft Dynamics™ AX allows your company to define which responses are valid. So for companies that have employees all over the world speaking in different languages, the responses that the system understands are as limitless as your company’s employees and partners.

Expand the Reach of Your Microsoft Dynamics™ AX System

Microsoft Exchange Server™ is the de facto standard for email servers utilized by businesses worldwide. With devices such as iPhones™, iPads™, Blackberry™ devices and Windows Mobile phones providing standard connectivity to Microsoft Exchange Server™, a company can enable its employees while they are away from their workspace.

Further Enhancement of Advanced Workflow

Working in conjunction with Red Maple’s Advanced Workflow, your company can automate the entire process chain from event to completion. Enable automatic workflow generation with event handling in Microsoft Dynamics™ AX and Advanced Workflow. With Advanced Workflow, event management includes:

  • Data events that delete or alter a record can initiate an immediate workflow and eliminate the need to re-submit business processes on an ongoing basis.
  • User driven events with definable scenarios.
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics™ AX Alert system provides the ability to start workflow based on time or rules that you define.
  • Error events based on business processes or customer driven parameters.

Support Executives and Employees in the Way That They Work

Workspaces continue to expand from traditional desks with the advancement of mobile devices and telecommuting. As a result, companies require enhanced means of allowing employees to interact with business processes. With Red Maple’s Mobile Workflow, employees can take advantage of mobile devices to continue working outside the traditional workspaces and stay productive.

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