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Take Chargeback Claims to a Collaborative Level

Chargeback Claims Management for Microsoft Dynamics™ AX

When dealing with a disputed claims of credit or debit from customers or vendors, Red Maple™ Chargeback Claims Management is there with functionality to help you quickly create, track and resolve chargeback claims from accounts receivable or from a centralized interface. This comprehensive solution encompasses chargebacks, addbacks, warranties, royalties, product placement, price matches and other transactions.

  • Generate accruals for chargebacks
  • Assign thresholds
  • Automatically process add-backs
  • Claims chargebacks before or at time of payment
Product Requirements

Required Modules:

  • Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 2009 or 2012 (R2 or R3)
  • Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 7 (coming soon)

Optional Modules:

  • Red Maple Advanced Trade & Pricing

Flexible Claim Types

Create debit or credit claims depending on your company’s relationship with vendors and customers. Trade Claims can create accruals, pre-payments, credit notes and invoices for various types of claims that your company may encounter.

Flexible Business Profiles

Track Claims can originate from Account Receivable, Accounts Payable or from Trade Claims itself.

Collaborative Chargebacks

Manufacturers and distributors can collaborate with channel partners to offer special pricing and spending programs for sales and marketing activities. We’ve included multiple parameters for recognizing thresholds, accruing chargebacks or processing addbacks including the ability to set claims before or at time of payment.

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