Workflow That Quickly Adapts To YOUR Business & Reduces IT Workloads

Advanced Workflow for Microsoft Dynamics™ AX

Red Maple™ Advanced Workflow goes beyond the foundation in Microsoft Dynamics™ AX and introduces prebuilt templates, controls and email integration to lower implementation/upgrade costs and ensure your workflow remains flexible to the needs of your business today and into the future.

  • 50+ prebuilt templates
  • Fully integrated
  • Automatic event handling
  • Control mechanisms to lock unapproved records
  • Extend workflow actions to your organization with email
Available Templates

Workflow Templates included in Advanced Workflow


  • Bill of Materials Approval Workflow Template  
  • Customer Approval Workflow Template  
  • Employee Approval Workflow Template  
  • HR Position Approval Workflow Template  
  • Bill of Materials Journal Approval Workflow Template  
  • Inventory Counting Journal Approval Workflow Template  
  • Inventory Fixed Assets Approval Workflow Template  
  • Inventory Movement Journal Approval Workflow Template  
  • Inventory Profit Loss Approval Workflow Template  
  • Inventory Project Journal Approval Workflow Template  
  • Inventory Item Approval Workflow Template  
  • Inventory Tag Counting Journal Approval Workflow Template  
  • Inventory Transfer Journal Approval Workflow Template  
  • Ledger Account Approval Workflow Template  
  • Ledger Voucher Approval Workflow Template  
  • Project Approval Workflow Template  
  • Purchase Approval Workflow Template  
  • Sales Table Approval Workflow Template  
  • Purchase Approval with Lines Workflow Template  
  • Sales Table Approval with Lines Workflow Template  
  • Project hour Journal Approval Template  
  • Project Revenue Journal Approval Template  
  • CRM Business Relation Approval Workflow Template  
  • Vendor Approval Workflow Template  
  • Sales Quotation Approval  
  • Purchase Requisition Approval without a Task  
  • Bank Account Approval  
  • Document approval  
  • Production Order approval  
  • Route approval  
  • Free text invoice approval  
  • Service Agreement approval  
  • Service order approval  
  • Contract approval


  • Bill of Materials Task Workflow Template  
  • Customer Task Workflow Template  
  • Employee Task Workflow Template  
  • HR Position Task Workflow Template  
  • Inventory Task Workflow Template  
  • General Ledger Task Workflow Template  
  • Purchase order task Workflow Template  
  • Sales Quotation task Workflow Template  
  • Sales Table task Workflow Template  
  • Project Task Workflow Template  
  • CRM Business Relation Task Workflow Template  
  • Vendor Task Workflow Template  
Product Requirements

Required Modules:

  • Microsoft Dynamics™ AX Database Log
  • Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 2009 or 2012 (R2 or R3)
  • Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 7 (coming soon)

Optional Modules:

  • Red Maple Workflow Email Client for Microsoft Exchange Server

Automate Business Processes with Event Management

Red Maple™ Advanced Workflow includes automated event management so all business events are handled quickly and automatically. This goes beyond the existing features in Microsoft Dynamics™ AX Workflow Foundation that requires workflow processing via users clicking a “Submit” button on a form.

Event Management Includes:

  • Data events that delete or alter a record can initiate an immediate workflow and eliminate the need to re-submit business processes on an ongoing basis.
  • User driven events with definable scenarios.
  • Automated alerts, made possible via integration with the Microsoft Dynamics™ AX Alert system, provide the ability to trigger events with no user interaction.
  • Error events based on business processes or customer driven parameters.
  • Workflow named events make it possible for business to define their own events and use them to create business processes.


Control the Process

Red Maple’s Advanced Workflow includes control mechanisms that lock records that are within the workflow process.  This additional safeguard is additional functionality that allows the creation of master records (such as a new customer), while restricting the record’s use until the record has been approved in the workflow process. As a result, your company can continue to operate efficiently and effectively.

Save Time with Pre-Built Templates

Red Maple’s Advanced Workflow provides numerous additional templates/types to fast-forward your use of workflow. By providing over 50 of these objects, your company can spend less time developing them for yourself and more time defining the business rules that make workflow useful to your company.

Make it Mobile

Available as a separate module,  Red Maple’s Mobile Workflow allows companies to integrate any device using Microsoft Exchange Server with Advanced Workflow. Workflows can progress by replying to email with a configured response option without launching Microsoft Dynamics™ AX. This powerful functionality allows your company to complete business processes whenever and wherever necessary.

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