Take Your Business Relationships To The Next Level

Advanced Trade & Pricing for Microsoft Dynamics™ AX

Red Maple™ Advanced Trade is designed to handle advanced business relationships with your customers and vendors. It includes three main areas of functionality, namely advanced pricing within the entire application, billing, billing schedules and revenue recognition of complex transactions.

By extending powerful functionality that already exists within Microsoft Dynamics™ AX, Red Maple’s Advanced Trade further enables companies to track contracts with all customers, from orders to service contracts to warranties.

The key feature sets to provide functionality within Microsoft Dynamics AX. These features include Advanced Pricing, Recurring Billing and Revenue/Expense recognition.

  • Advanced pricing: Advanced pricing introduces the enhanced features necessary to handle complex computations and adjustments. It includes the flexibility to calculate pricing based on a range of methods (List price, Cost plus, MAP, GSA, etc.) and contexts.
  • Recurring billing: For companies with more complex billing requirements, Advanced Trade & Billing goes beyond basic sales orders and projects to encompass subscription services, including the ability to create contracts and provide individual pricing, the ability to mix and match delivery methods. Advanced Trade can also provide volume billing based on schedules and/or usage based agreements. Using Advanced Pricing, customers can be billed based on established contract pricing.
  • Revenue/Expense recognition: Companies can accrue and amortize revenue or expense based on the sale or purchase of goods. For items that require revenue recognition after the sale, the solution tracks and provides amortization journals to speed up the process. Likewise, VSOE or SOP 97-2 rules are covered out of the box.
  • Contract management & pricing
  • Revenue recognition for complex transactions
  • Recurring/subscription and volume billing & revenue recognition
  • Warranty management
  • Claims management/chargebacks
  • Industry specific functionality for Software Distributors & Retail
Product Requirements

Required Modules:

  • Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 2009 or 2012 (R2 or R3)
  • Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 7 (coming soon)

Optional Modules:

  • Red Maple Chargeback Claims

Manage Your Contracts

With Red Maple’s Advanced Trade, trade agreements are administered through contracts. Trade administrators can manage individual accounts through a robust contract management interface. Companies can create contracts for a one-time sale or long-term sales agreements.

Within the contracts, companies can outline agreements to specify the products, prices, volume discounts, commitments and other terms and conditions that govern future orders from the customer. Orders placed against the pricing contract are automatically governed by the negotiated terms and do not require any manual lookup or processing, thus reducing overall administrative costs.

Identify Buying Patterns

Customer purchase commitments can be negotiated for either the entire contract or for specific items in the contract. Accumulated order totals can then be tracked and compared against contractual commitments. This enables the sales team and trade managers to proactively negotiate better deals based on customer buying patterns. It also allows customers to be notified of outstanding commitments well in advance.

Focus on the Customer

Red Maple’s Advanced Trade enables sales staff to focus on the customer and not the prices that should be charged to the customer by providing pricing controls over the lifetime of an agreement. When a customer places an order for goods, Advanced Trade governs the pricing of the order based on past purchases. If the quantity of the order surpasses a contractual price break, the order will automatically be modified to reflect the pricing set within the trade agreement.

With Advanced Trade & Pricing contracts can automatically create sales orders so that goods are delivered on time. By utilizing “push” subscription management, fulfillment sales orders are automatically created and customers can place orders for goods that are regularly fulfilled over time. Likewise, orders can be generated based on a billing schedule, charging the customer a regular amount over time or based on usage of goods.

Flexible Revenue Recognition

Trade agreements must enable revenue recognition at the appropriate time. With Advanced Trade, revenue accruals are generated directly from the trade agreements.

Amortization schedules can be created and assigned to an individual trade agreement, creating a flexible financial schedule that can be assigned on a customer-by-customer basis. Businesses can also record revenues using the milestone or deliverables methods, this added flexibility ensures GAAP and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance whether you are recognizing revenue on an accrued or a deferred basis.

For companies that have a VSOE or FASB “Performance obligation” requirements, entire orders can be re-classed for revenue recognition purposes.

We also include the ability to create amortization journals at regular intervalsto recognize revenue that has been delivered. Each entry is then attached to a trade agreement so that both financial and sales teams can accurately track the results of each order over the life of the contract.

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