Remove Limitations on Commission and Compensation Structures

Advanced Commissions for Microsoft Dynamics™ AX

Red Maple™ Advanced Commissions removes traditional limitations on standard commission and compensation structures and provides Microsoft Dynamics™ AX customers with a flexible tool to accommodate current and future commission needs.

Built to extends the standard commission functionality for sales intensive companies, this solution features compensation schedules, commission accruals, commissions contingent on payments and commission adjustments.

For companies with advanced requirements, we have developed Commissions II which addresses more detailed processes for projects. draws and guarantees as well as budget modeling for commissions.

  • Commissions on territories (geolocation) or sales origin
  • Compensation schedules
  • Team based sales
  • Periodic & payment when paid
  • Project commissions
  • Adjustments &“missed” commission
  • Budget modeling
  • Draws & guarantees
  • Mobile app (coming in Autumn 2015)
Product Requirements

Required Modules:

  • Microsoft Dynamics™ AX Trade Series
  • Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 2009 or 2012 (R2 or R3)
  • Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 7 (coming soon)
Additional Features

Additional Functionality:

  • Red Maple also publishes Commissions II & Trade, which includes Draws, Modeling and more features.
  • Mobile Salesforce features will be introduced in Q4 2015.

Flexible Commission Structures

Commissions and royalties can be determined by four categories:

  1. Basis: Criteria can include revenue, margin, weighted margin, discounts, discount percentage, margin percentage, unit price, and item quantities.
  2. Selection criteria: Selections can be set to determine when a commission should be triggered. Criteria selection a can be as simple as selecting which inventory, customers, territories or sales groups trigger a commission.
  3. Calculations: Take the guess work out of how much commission should be paid with our flexible parameters that enable you to calculate payments on a flat amount, a percentage, quantity sold or on a schedule of all three.
  4. Determinations: Freedom to outline when and the circumstances commissions are paid. Selections will enable a commission to be paid under the set determination parameters whether your company pays bonuses at the end of the quarter, or no commission until original sales orders are paid.

Advanced Accruals and Periodic Payments

If a company does not pay parties until the original invoice is paid, the commission can still be accrued for proper financial reporting with new features that allow for the accrual of compensation over time. As a result, large sales organizations can accurately report future liabilities instead of estimating what may be a smaller or larger liability.

Periodic Payments include features that increase reporting accuracy by calculating bonuses and periodic compensation over time.

Quotas & Performance Measures

Red Maple’s Advanced Commissions accounts for quotas, compensation plans and team based performance measures by tying the amounts directly into the sales projections for the entire sales staff. As a result when budgetary numbers are changed, quotas are adjusted for the salespeople in your organization.

Handle Adjustments & Re-Calculations

Advanced Commissions contains functionality to adjust and calculate commissions after a sales order has been posted. Through commission and adjustment journals, you can make changes to commissions and payments via a structured process. Advanced Commissions can replace your reports and spreadsheets used to adjust commissions at the end of a period. Instead, all transactions can be modified without having to credit note and re-enter transactions with an audit trail.

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