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Solutions for Dynamics 365 for Operations

Trade & Pricing

Credit Cards



Chargeback Claims

Warranty Management

Software Distribution


Credit Card Processing for Microsoft Dynamics

Dynamics 365 for Operations | AX2012 | AX2009

Omni-Channel Processing

Native Integration

Global Processor Integration

Secure Payment Transactions

EMV & PinPad Support

Automatic Payment Settlements


Advanced Trade & Pricing

Drive Your Business Relationships With

Dynamics 365 for Operations | AX2012 | AX2009


Red Maple's Advanced Credit Cards for Retail

Dynamics 365 for Operations | AX2012 | AX2009

Omni-Channel Processing

Supports ePOS & mPOS

EMV & PinPad

Voice Authorizations

Gift Cards

Offline & International

Build YOUR Own Solution

Improve your ability to deliver exceptional customer service by extending the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics™ AX | Dynamics 365 for Operations with Red Maple Solutions.  By automating your processes, our solutions enhance your ability to respond quickly & efficiently to your customers’ needs while decreasing manual inefficiencies.

Use the Entire Microsoft "Stack"

Our solutions enable your company to get more from existing investments while reducing training time and increasing productivity without sacrificing security.  Because we leverage the entire Microsoft platform, you can continue to use powerful solutions like Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server, which are already integrated with Microsoft Dynamics™ AX | Dynamics 365 for Operations.


Need more information or have a question about an existing implementation? Head over to our support page and submit a request to the team!

Red Maple™ Offers Best-In-Class Horizontal, Vertical And Advanced Solutions For Microsoft Dynamics™ AX | Dynamics 365 for Operations 

Purchase Modules Individually Or Combine Them To Create A Unique Solution

Advanced Extensions: Go a step further by adding extended functionality to address complex business processes.

Horizontal Additions: Bridge the gap with solutions that add new features and capabilities to Microsoft Dynamics™ AX | Dynamics 365 for Operations.

Industry Solutions: Delve deeper with functionality specific to the needs of Retail and Software Distribution companies.

  • Breaking the Legacy System Chain

    The development of repetitive, tested and pragmatic horizontal and advanced extensions empower businesses to move forward secure in the knowledge that they aren’t installing a “legacy” system that is so over customized it can’t be upgraded.

  • Native extensions... not headaches

    All Red Maple™ solutions are native extensions to Microsoft Dynamics™ AX and are designed to address advanced and complex processes while solve specific business issues.

  • New regulatory requirements... piece of cake!

    The Red Maple team actively tracks and implements support for the latest regulatory changes. So whether it is changes to FASB, new credit card regulations or revenue recognition laws, your business will be ready meet the challenge without overwhelming your business.

  • Support for YOUR Changing Business

    Red Maple solutions are designed to flex and quickly adapt to support YOUR new business routines without overburdening your IT team and subject matter experts.

About Red Maple

Born in Y2K

Red Maple™ has been a Microsoft Dynamics AX| 365 for Operations ISV since 2000. We are dedicated to defining and developing solutions that address the most critical business needs of customers and bridging the gap between customer needs and Microsoft Dynamics AX | 365 for Operations native functionality.

Global Focus

Red Maple solutions are sold and used around the world by 400+ customers. We go beyond North America to focus on delivering solutions that address global needs.

Solution Release Philosophy

Red Maple is committed to ensuring that all Red Maple Business Process Extensions are up to date with the most recent releases of Microsoft Dynamics™ AX | Dynamics 365 for Operations.  While we always support the most recent versions, we also maintain compliance with older releases. Check out the product requirements tabs on the product pages for more information.

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